Bleach B-1

Bleach B-1

Bleaching sanitizer

Sodium hypochlorite based food grade sanitizer. Use for sanitizing cutting boards and dishes or bleaching towels and surfaces.

Bleach B-1 for towels.
Bleach B-1 for cutting board bleaching.
Bleach B-1 for dish soaking.
- Sodium hypochlorite based bleach for high efficiency sanitizing.
- Whitens towels and cutting boards.
- Dilute in the sink (100-200ppm) for soaking or dilute in a spray bottle for surfaces.
- Wear gloves when handling.
- Never mix with acidic solutions. (Will create toxic vapors.)
B-1Liquid / AlkalineFragrance-free

Volume: 5kg
Units per Case: 3
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B-1 Concentrated