Smart System Smart System

Color Coordinate System (CCS)

The table on the right shows how simple the Smart San CCS works. Each product is identified by its color, which makes the accurate and safe usage easier than ever for your entire team. This table can be displayed with cleaning manuals to help employees understand the colors.
Simple design, vivid colors and matching manuals make the Smart San system the best for hygiene management.

Color Coordinate System (CCS) in conjunction with color-coded instruction manuals.
Prevent mishandling chemicals for safer use.


Saraya Color Coordinate System Manuals

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustrations.
Video instructions available online.

Saraya color coordinate system manual

Saraya color coordinate system manual.

Smart Communication Smart Communication


Saraya products and manuals are based on academic and industry-leading research and practical evidence. As a leading member of the food sanitation field in Japan, we actively participate in academic meetings and research committees on food sanitation and promote research at universities and laboratories. In addition to having our own biochemical lab for R D, we also stay in touch with prominent professionals and key opinion leaders in the hand washing and hand disinfection field to give our customers the latest technology, information, and service.



Example of information provided to Smart San clients.


We won’t provide you information or manuals based on theory alone when your customers’ health is at risk. Smart San manuals are based on published resources and actual testing in the environments where our products are used. A wide variety of Saraya educational tools are available for all of our customers, and we are ready to provide you with customized educational programs, manuals, and auditing upon request. Saraya has built its success on providing high quality service with products that improve efficiency and safety.



Hand Washing Checker. Example of poster provided to Smart San clients. Manual LCD distributed to Smart San Clients

Hand Washing Checker


Manual LCD

Sanitation Manuals

Based on your facility layout and hygiene evaluation we can create custom sanitation manuals for your entire Smart San hygiene system. Every step is clearly illustrated for accurate and safe usage. If you ever have a question, contact your local Saraya sales representative for an instructor to guide your staff.

We provide you with the teaching and materials for learning proper food hygiene.
Teachers will show you how to properly sanitize your company.


Hygiene education is effective only when your staff have a desire to learn. We offer educational programs for managers or staff based on a huge body of experience. Our lectures and demonstration sessions are a unique way to maintain an understanding of the importance of your hygiene management system as well as the practical aspects involved. With active education, your sanitation level will improve.Easy to understand posters to remember how to use what.

Update your knowledge in Hand Hygiene with our professional teachers.

Facility Audit

Saraya food sanitation instructors will test your current system, giving you all the information you need to improve your hygiene.

Saraya food sanitation instructors can test the effectiveness of your current system or after implementing the Smart San system. Staff can come and go and production can change in many ways, which is why it is important to periodically measure the quality of your program. We can help you decide if there is a need to adjust any part of your program from product line up, cleaning processes, education or a number of other ways with an audit and subsequent improvement plan.

Smart Economy Smart Economy

Smart San Automation

Smart San detergents are developed to work fine on their own, providing the results you need, but when combined with Saraya tank foamers and proportioners, you’ ll realize great cost savings. Through automation of proportioning and cleaning, you’ ll find the amount of detergent used is consistent and lower than before, and it is safer for the environment.

Better Productivity

The key to the Smart San system is the ability for you to do more in less time and with less man power. For example, the Clean Foam system allows complicated machinery and large surfaces to be accurately cleaned with one person in a fraction of the time. Use your new productivity to lengthen production hours and reduce overtime. Simple operation makes the Smart San system easy to use with maximum and predictable results.

Easy to use dispensers will improve the productivity of your staff.
Clean Foam CF-5000 in action.
Hydro Chem will permit you an easy to use clean system in your facilities.

Smart Design Smart Design
Increase work efficiency & staff compliance

Simple labeling is the key to correct usage

Label colors and illustrations indicate different products and correspond directly to Saraya custom manuals, which have large text with easy-to-identify illustrations. Manuals can be custom made in various languages. Correct labeling and simple instructions makes cleaning operations less of a chore, and team motivation increases with a clear understanding of work processes.

Smart San uses simple labelinng for an easier undertanding and increased compliance.
Squeeze and spray bottles carry the same label for correct and safe use.


Squeeze and spray bottles carry the same label for correct and safe use.

Both sides of the bottle show product specifications for easy storage.


Both sides of the bottle show product specifications for easy storage.