Foaming Degreaser G-1

Foaming Degreaser G-1

High powered degreaser for kitchen floors and equipment

Degreasing detergent for deeply encrusted grease and oil. Best used with CF-5000 Clean Foam.

Foaming Degreaser G-1 for friers.
Foaming Degreaser G-1 for walls.
Foaming Degreaser G-1 for floors.
- Multipurpose alkaline formula degreaser.
- Recommended for the cleaning of deeply encrusted grease.
- Dilute directly in a tank foamer and spray entirely over the targeted surface. After 5-10 minutes rinse with water. For tough grease, scrub with a brush before rinsing.
- Wear gloves when handling.
G-1Liquid / AlkalineFragrance-free

Volume: 5kg
Units per Case: 3
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G-1 Concentrated