Neutral Detergent N-1

Neutral Detergent N-1

Dish detergent that is easy on the hands and the environment

Neutral detergent for dish washing. No added fragrances for washing without transferring unwanted flavors.

Neutral Detergent N-1 for cooking equipment.
Neutral Detergent N-1 for cutlery.
Neutral Detergent N-1 for dishes.
- Uses pH neutral palm oil so it’s gentle on your hands.
- Fragrance free. No added colors.
- Highly biodegradable.
- For kitchenware, apply directly from a Saraya squeeze bottle and scrub with a sponge. Rinse after washing.
- When diluted, apply directly or soak dishes to penetrate soiling.
N-1Liquid / NeutralFragrance-free

Volume: 5kg
Units per Case: 3
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N-1 Concentrated